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Gap Year Ideas
Those among you who are looking for adventure during your gap year, well there is plenty of good news for you! Each of these action and adventure packages are generally schemes spread over 4-5 months. Gappers mostly start with 4-day in-country training courses, followed by 3-4 months at the field project, still later followed by month long travel and safari.

The travel and safari. will include seeing wildlife in numerous sanctuaries and national parks dotting the African continent, visiting temples and palaces in India and Nepal . Kampuchea and Thailand .

You might also opt for a historical journey into the past amidst the wilderness in Mexico . In Thailand , you could take up a teaching assignment among the hill tribes for a few weeks followed by traveling amidst nature including a brief course in water diving.

There are shorter adventure options for those of you who want a taste of Africa but only have just about a month's time to do so. In that case try out any of the following options:

Building work within community with the option of a climb up Mount Kenya or a trip to the Kenya coast or a camel safari.

Indoor teaching and providing coaching in sports in Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , Malawi and Botswana

Community/Conservation projects in Kenya and Uganda

Beyond Africa, in Thailand construction of schools in the northern tribal belt followed by a river/elephant journey around tribal areas and a course diving conducted on Koh Tao island in the Gulf of Siam .

Academical courses and training in sports in the vicinity of Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Thailand .

Train journey in China
If you're looking for history, culture and beauty,all rolled into one there's no better place to find them all than in the bustling streets of China 's most famous cities. You'll be starting in Beijing , China 's lively capital. It is the country's commercial center, oozing modernity and sophistication, yet it is also home to some of China 's most famous historical landmarks including the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square .

Next you'll be visiting Xi'an , which boasts a rich cultural history that will enthral any traveller. Nestled between the foothills of the Qinling Mountain Ranges, the Wei River and Mount Hua , the beautyo of this place is heavenly!! Finally the tour will bring you to Shanghai . This cosmopolitan city is a vertiable treasure trove with culture art and fine dining playing an important role in the lifestyle. All along the travellers will stumble upon beautiful parks and gardens in the most unexpected of places which have been painstakingkly the citizens.

Nomad Project
How about discovering the lives of nomads amidst desert sands and in open wilderness? Well then reach the hinterland of countries like Algeria Tunisia, Morocco , and Egypt where you could opt to live with the Bedouins whose only mode of transport are the camels. You will realize that water is a precious commodity so hard to come by. You will long for a bit of shade of greenery in the oases which are few and far between. You will know what mirages are.

Or else you could join a group of Mongolian Nomads and discover a way of life that has remained almost unchanged in a thousand years.

Living with a family in a "ger", a large round tent, your chores may include riding horses to shift herds of yaks or cattle, caring for livestock, preparing dairy products and perhaps teaching a little English to the young ones.

In exchange for help with the animals, or playing with the children, the family you'll surely involve you fully in their way of living. Try to spend a few nights camping in a part of the cold and barren Gobi Desert, where you could look for dinosaur fossils.
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