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Volunteering Abroad
By the way did you know that volunteer service is offered by individual choice - it is neither mandatory nor forced upon? Volunteering contributes to the well-being of an individual or the community, and is usually coordinated by a non-profit or public sector organization. As per theory no compensation remuneration or perks of any kind may be paid to the individual.

In common parlance volunteer work is often equated with unpaid work, and people who contribute so much of their valuable time and energy freely to build a better community do not necessarily get the support systems and recognition which they richly deserve. However voluntary work abroad can indeed be a highly rewarding way to spend the entire, or maybe a part of your gap year and pile up some wonderful memories that will last till the final day of your life! It will also provide you a new perspective on the world more particularly how the other half lives!

By taking part in some kind of organized voluntary work project or the other you can learn about a different culture, meet new people and learn to communicate with people whose lifestyle, language and culture may be starkly different from yours.

Which implies that you could end up with people living in abject poverty, tormented by hunger and plagued by disease; and you will come away with an amazing sense of achievement and feel great about what you have done substantially, no matter how little or how much it may be.

There is a wide range of choices and the types of voluntary placement. But remember that the competition for a position is getting tougher than ever and companies can afford to pick and choose; so you might have to prove to them why you should be selected. They have to be very cautious in their selection because volunteering work can be tough.

Coming to the brass tacks, those who work as volunteers during their gap year/ summer holiday generally get a suitable accommodation and often a small amount of money for their personal upkeep.
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